Wrapping Paper Storage: Best Solutions in 2021

Wrapping paper has to be one of the worst things to store — a small nick to the base can render an entire roll unless; moisture in the air can cause the paper to deteriorate, losing its firmness to touch; not to mention the fact rolls unravel, and slip and slide around as try to manoeuvre them in and out of their home.

Fortunately, there are some straightforward wrapping paper storage solutions out there that’ll let you stow all of your Gift Wrap in one container, keeping it in pristine condition, while also making it easier to store. Instead of fumbling around for different rolls in the attic or cupboard, you can pull them out all at once.

Best Wrapping Paper Storage Solution: Budget Option

Best described as a Gym Bag for wrapping paper, this Wrapping Paper Storage Bag can fit up to 18 rolls, each measuring in around three foot in length. It’s small enough to be stowed under a bed, in a closet, on top of a shelving unit or in the attic, protecting the contents from dust and moisture — and it costs less than $10!

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Constructed from PVC, it’s see-through too so you can see what’s inside. This is ideal if you’re into arts and crafts and have a load of wrapping paper floating around, as you don’t need to pull out your entire collection to find a particular roll. It’s tear-proof too and features two handles for easy handling.

This particular model has received more than 7700 reviews on Amazon, around 77% are five-star, so around 5900 people purchased this and loved it, with one customer noting it’s “absolutely perfect and efficient for storing rolls of wrapping paper. This bag helps to keep them upright and fits great in the closet corner.”

Best Wrapping Paper Storage Solution: Splurge Option

The ultimate in wrapping paper storage solutions, this top-rated Wrapping paper Storage Container can fit up to 27 standard three-foot rolls, with storage space for ribbons, bows, scissors, and anything else you need in your gift-wrapping kit. It’s a bit like a violin case, just a little larger … and for wrapping paper.

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