Amazon MKTP US: What Does it Mean on Your Bank Statement?

Seeing a charge for ‘Amazon MKTP US’ on your bank statement and wondering whether it’s a scam? Because Amazon is such a large company, offering a host of different services, it’s not uncommon to see different names for the merchant on your bank statement when making a purchase — one of these is ‘Amazon MKTP US’. Others processing names that Amazon uses include ‘AMZN Digital’ and ‘Amazon MKTPLACE PMTS’.

‘Amazon MKTP US’ often used when ordering something from the Marketplace, while ‘AMZN Digital’ is reserved for online services like subscriptions to Amazon Web Services, it’s cloud computing solution. However, it’s possible the ‘Amazon MKTP US’ identifier could be used for something else, like a renewal of an Amazon Prime subscription, if it was the payment processor the system selected to handle that particular transaction.

The Marketplace platform is a popular way for third-party sellers to reach millions of customers through Amazon’s website. When you make a purchase on Amazon’s Marketplace, the payment is processed through Amazon’s payment system. The seller receives payment from Amazon, and Amazon charges your credit card or bank account for the purchase amount, often labelling the transaction as debited by ‘Amazon MKTP US’.

So, we can say with absolute confidence that ‘Amazon MKTP US’ is Amazon. And it’s possible it may have shown up on your bank statement, even if you didn’t order to something, if an Amazon service you subscribe to renewed. This could also happen if a free trial you started switched to a paid subscription — which happens automatically — like the Kindle Unlimited free trial.

If you see a charge on your bank statement with the ‘Amazon MKTP US’ billing descriptor and don’t recognize the purchase, it’s possible that someone else has made a purchase using your Amazon account. In this case, it’s important to log in to your Amazon account and check your order history to see if there are any unauthorized purchases.

If you find an unauthorized purchase, you should contact Amazon’s customer service immediately to report the issue and request a refund. Amazon has a dedicated customer service team to help customers with any issues related to their accounts or purchases. And if you don’t, then it’s probably wise to contact your bank or credit card provider and start reading them in on the situation, as you could have a more sinister problem at hand.

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