Add Some Style to Your Workspace with These Aesthetic Notion Templates

Most Notion templates are built with function over form in mind, but there are a subset of so-called aesthetic Notion templates that were created to look as fantastic as they work — and we’ve done our best to curate a collection of the best.

What are Aesthetic Notion Templates?

Aesthetic by definition is something that’s pleasing to look at, so aesthetic Notion templates are Notion templates that can be appreciated for their not only their use but their appearance too.

Best Aesthetic Notion Templates

Some of the aesthetic Notion templates we’ve included below are free to use. Getting started couldn’t be easier: Follow these straightforward instructions to learn how to save a Notion template if it’s your first time using one, after accessing it.

1. Daily Schedule

Created by the team at Notion Wizard, this Daily Schedule template was intended to be clean and efficient way to keep track of to-do list items, events and reminders, with different views on offer to slice and dice the information as needed. 

It’s lean by design and uses filtering as a form of automation to only show the events, tasks and reminders that the user needs to know about at that time, self-cleaning as meetings are attended and items are crossed off.

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2. Simple Dashboard

Simple Dashboard a must for anyone looking to add some structure to their Notion Workspace. There’s room to build a navigation system to Pages, and keep track of Notion to-do list items and other things you need to remember. 

It also features a Notion Weather Widget through Indify (for free) to show a forecast for your location, or can be substituted for one of the many other Notion Widgets available through the service, or others out there.

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3. Sticky Notes

Sometimes we need to scribble down a short, sweet note to serve as a reminder — and Post-its are one of the best ways to do that. Now, you can create your own Sticky Notes with the click of a button in your Notion Workspace.

You can even favorite the Page for fast access or move it to the top of your sidebar to make it your Start Page. Each new note added will have the date it was created recorded and is shown until it’s archived by dragging it into the trash can.

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4. Advanced Grocery List

Advanced Grocery List was created to make shopping as efficient as it can be, by batching items by categories — from Bakery and Fruit & Vegetables to Meat & Fish and Pharmacy & Wellness — to stores, with dedicated lists available for each.

Plus, because Notion is a collaborative suite, housemates to share the list viewing it and adding or striking off items at home and on the move. Only one person needs to purchase the template to they can invite people to collaborate.

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5. All-Purpose Notebook

l-Purpose Notebook lets you store notes, links, documents, locations and even snippets of code. These entries are stored in a structured way, separated by topic, and can be filtered in various ways, like files edited in the last week.

Written notes are shown in a preview on the dashboard, so you can see what’s inside without opening the file. Other supported entries come with custom artwork, which can be color-matched using the included PSD to your aesthetic.

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Should You Use Aesthetic Notion Templates?

It depends, really. If you want to create a Notion Workspace that’s pleasing to look at, then absolutely, use Notion templates. But efficient processes don’t have to look attractive to work. That’s where the function over form principal comes from.

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