What You Need to Know About the Best Buy Affiliate Program

There is a Best Buy Affiliate Program. Data collected by Skimlinks shows it has an average commission rate of 0.94%, with the merchant commissioning most items at 1%. You can however negotiate a better rate after building up a rapport with the retailer, proving that you can generate consistent sales of items in its core categories. This could also lead to flat spend opportunities.

What the Best Buy Affiliate Program is Good For

If you’re looking to monetize electronics, you may want to consider looking at the Amazon Affiliate Program or the Walmart Affiliate Program if flat commissions is the name of the game. But if you’re looking to build a relationship with a retailer, a retailer that will invest in flat-fee coverage if it sees reason to do so, then it’s worth enrolling in the Best Buy Affiliate Program. 

How to Increase Your Best Buy Commission Rate

You can always negotiate a better rate with a merchant when you’re monetising your content through one of its direct programs, instead of through an intermediary like Skimlinks. You’ll need to be able to show a consistent record of performance, and then consider reaching out to your representative to discuss opportunities to drive increased performance for an increase in rate. 

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