Get Journaling with This Notion Daily Journal Template

Chances are you’re here because you’re searching for a Notion Daily Journal Template. Well, we have some bad news: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that will cut it here. That’s because no two people are the same, and neither are our journals. We all want to document different things, in different ways – and that’s why you’re yet to find a template that works for you. We’re here to help, though.

Just because there isn’t one Nation Daily Journal Template to rule them all, doesn’t mean there isn’t one that’ll start you on the right track. The template we’re about to show you will do just that, but you will need to make some adjustments where necessary. Maybe you aren’t interested in tracking habits, but rather sobriety. This is something you’ll need to make tweaks to accommodate.

So, the template. It’s pretty straightforward really – and that’s a good thing. The last thing you want is to have to spend half an hour setting up the page before you can start hammering away at the keyboard. By default, entries will allow you to enter a summary, your mood, an overall star rating for the day, and an entry. You can, of course, adapt the template to add extra fields, like happiness scores.

All of these entries are stored in a database that can be filtered by date, mood, and overall star rating. By default it’s set to arrange from newest to oldest, but you can choose to set up your own sorting options. You can even set up custom filters, so you can have it isolate all entries with a star rating of two, for example. This makes it easy to review old records and identify trends in the data should you want to.

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