Supercharge Your Workspace with This Notion Inbox Template

Frequent Notion user? Create an inbox you can quickly dump notes, files and links, before organizing them later. We’ve created this straightforward Notion inbox template to get you started — and like all Notion templates we feature, it’s free to use.

I use an inbox myself. Whenever I use the Notion Web Clipper to save a link, or Notion for iPhone to take a note on the move, it feeds straight into my inbox. Every evening, I run through my inbox, sifting through the items and organizing them accordingly.

More often than not, I start by reading through the articles I saved that day (usually around five), taking notes on the cards, before move them to the most suitable section in my Notion Workspace. I do the same for notes and files I uploaded as well.

Your workflow will be unique. All this Notion inbox template does is provide you with a dumping ground (a waiting room, if you will) for your notes, files and links so they don’t get lost before you’ve had a chance to deal with them appropriately.

Adding the Notion inbox template to your Workspace is easy. Just follow this link, select ‘Duplicate’ from the menu bar at the top, and you’re ready to roll. You will now see the Gratitude Journal in your Workspace. That’s right – no downloading.

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