Does OnePlus Make a Tablet?

Despite cries from fans, OnePlus does not make a tablet nor has it ever made one and considering the tablet market as a whole is shrinking it’s safe to assume we won’t see one in the future.

It doesn’t even look like OnePlus has even experimented with a tablet. If it had, we’d have at least seen a (credible) leak, but we haven’t heard a peep since the company was founded in 2013.

The tablet market is far too small and tarnished to make it worth the investment. The market perception is that Android tablets should be cheap and expensive models aren’t worth the money.

Apple has dominated the premium tablet market since it introduced the iPad in 2009 and Samsung, its main rival, hasn’t been able to capture a meaningful share despite several attempts.

The word tablet is synonymous with iPad, and OnePlus knows it won’t be able to change that with a OnePlus tablet. Android just can’t compete with the phenomenal experience iPadOS delivers.

And it’s because of that the only position OnePlus can capture in the market is at the lower end, where retailers fight to churn out the cheapest tablets they can and win customers that way.

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