Is OnePlus Working on a Foldable Smartphone?

Back in January 2020, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told The Verge that OnePlus has been looking into foldable smartphones, but it hasn’t found significant value in creating one just yet, explaining that the appeal of such devices is “outweighed by the shortcomings or the disadvantages of the current state of the technology.”

So, is OnePlus working on a foldable smartphone? Well, Lau confirmed it has been looking into them so we’re assuming it has some designs, prototypes and other experimental resources floating around its offices. After all, these hybrid devices are poised to be the future so it would want to keep its finger on the pulse.

In fact, considering OnePlus is owned by BBK Electronics, which also owns Oppo which is working on a foldable handset, and OnePlus has previously confirmed that it shares research and development teams with the company, it’s safe to say it’s had some hands-on time with prototype components and devices.

Just looking at what Oppo is working on could shine a light on what OnePlus is developing behind the scenes — a foldable smartphone with a clamshell design, according to a recent report, that will measure in at a mere two inches while folded. It’s tipped to launch before the end of June 2021.

A concept render of Oppo’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

Still, considering foldable screens still scratch easily and suffer from issues at the point where they fold, it’s unlikely we’ll see a OnePlus foldable smartphone anytime soon. Lau says that the technology needs to come to a level where display folds are crisp and don’t impact the potential usability of phones.

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