Can You Book Flights with Klarna?

You can use Klarna at any online store that accepts a credit or debit card, including airlines. That’s right — you can book flights with Klarna and split the cost into three or four interest-free instalments, depending on the financing options available in your location. You may also be able to choose to defer payment for thirty days at no added cost or stretch the financing term over a longer duration for a small fee.

Plus, in some cases you’re covered by the same payment protection schemes you are with a credit card when you book a flight with Klarna, making it easier to receive a refund if your flight is canceled or the operator enters liquidation as we saw with Thomas Cook in September 2019. We recommend checking with Klarna Customer Service to see what’s available in your region before booking a flight to be safe.

You don’t need to book the flight with the airline, either. You can use Klarna to book flights with one-stop travel sites like Expedia too. This means it can be used not just for flights, but for hotels and even entire holidays too. You can book these either through the Klarna application on Android or iOS or the Klarna Chrome Extension on a computer, which can be installed from the Chrome Web Store in a few seconds.

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