Can You Buy a Hot Tub with Clearpay?

You can use Clearpay to buy a hot tub, but you may not want to, nor would we recommend it. That’s because unlike Klarna, the service doesn’t let you create a one-time virtual card that can be used to shop at any online retailer, so your choices are limited to the merchants it has partnered with — and the list of those that stock what most consider to be the ultimate relaxation machine is short, with Wayfair at the top.

It’s also worth remembering that Clearpay lets you spread the cost of a payment over six weeks, with the first due at the time the order is placed, so it may not be the best solution for heftier purchases like a hot tub. There are other services out there that offer more competitive financing terms, like Klarna which will let you split the cost into three interest-free monthly instalments in the United Kingdom.

Klarna is the better choice for financing a hot tub if it’s a toss-up between the two services because you can use it at any online retailer that accepts a credit or debit card, including Amazon, B&Q and even specialist regional suppliers like The Hot Tub Superstore. You can do this by creating a one-time virtual card for the value of the order in the Klarna application or through the Klarna Chrome Extension on a PC.

You have other options too. Online retailer Very UK has inflatable hot tubs in stock from £530. Just like Klarna, you can choose to pay for it in three interest-free monthly instalments, or you can opt for its trademark Buy Now, Pay Later offer that’ll let you defer payment for twelve months. Plus, you need have to pay a penny in interest as long as you repay the balance in full before the one-year anniversary of the purchase.

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