PS5 Klarna: Can You Finance the Console?

You can finance the PS5 through Klarna. You’ll need to find it in stock at a supported retailer like AO or GAME in the UK and Gamestop in the US first, then check out in the same way you’d buy anything else using Klarna. You’ll be able to spread the cost over three months, with no interest.

Stores You Can Buy the PS5 with Klarna — UK

If you want to buy the PS5 with Klarna in the UK, your options are limited to either AO or GAME. Your best chance at success is AO as less people will be heading there looking for the PS5 as most people tend to stick to the retailers that specialize in gaming equipment, such as Amazon, GAME and Smyths.

Stores You Can Buy the PS5 with Klarna — US

There’s only one retailer that accepts Klarna and also stocks the PS5 in the US, and that’s Gamestop.

You Can Buy the PS5 Through Klarna — But Don’t

While you can finance the PS5 through Klarna, we wouldn’t recommend it. Paying with Klarna slows down the checkout process, and because PS5 stock is hard to find and competition for it is fierce, you’ll need to blitz through checkout if you’re fortunate enough to add one to your cart in order to secure the unit.

Instead, we recommend choosing one retailer to shop at and creating an account there, adding your shipping information and credit card details to checkout, then when it has stock and you’re able to add one to cart, you can breeze through the checkout process in a mere matter of seconds, confirming your order.

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