Can You Buy Bitcoin with Klarna?

You can buy Bitcoin with Klarna, using the service’s one-time card feature. This lets you pay the exchange in the same way you’d use Klarna on Amazon: You create a virtual credit card number that can be entered at checkout.

Klarna settles the order in full with the exchange, so you receive your Bitcoin right away, before making the repayment to Klarna in line with the terms you chose when you created the one-time card — interest-free instalments or a buy now, pay later.

The only requirement is that you buy the Bitcoin from an exchange that accepts a debit card, like Binance or Coinbase. Keep in mind though that there are strict limits on the amount of Bitcoin that can be purchased through a card in a time frame.

This means Klarna isn’t ideal for purchasing a large quantity of Bitcoin. Then again, if you’re having to finance the investment, it probably isn’t wise to be making it in the first place. You should only invest what you can afford to lose as it’s volatile.

Of course, we aren’t providing financial advice — we’re here to answer questions, but we still want you to be aware of the risk associated with buying Bitcoin and recommend you consult a professional before making an investment.

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