Can You Cancel Sky Glass and Return to Sky Q?

You can cancel Sky Glass and return to Sky Q. You have two options: You can either keep the Sky Glass TV itself and connect Sky Q hardware to it, canceling the Sky Glass subscription that lets you watch programming on it, or you can cancel both the subscription and return the television as well. You have a month to make the decision to cancel at no added cost. Exceed this timeframe however and termination fees will come into effect, so best think about rolling back before the end of the trial term.

Sky Glass TV and Sky Q Don’t Play Well

In the interest of delivering the most accurate information, we went through the steps of canceling our Sky Glass entertainment subscription, keeping the television itself but returning to Sky Q. Unfortunately, Sky Q and the Sky Glass TV do not work well. That’s because the two operating systems are competing — clicking home on the Sky Q remote momentarily brings up the homescreen for Sky Glass, before switching to Sky Q, in a stutter of sorts. This happens when clicking the Sky button as well.

It’s not ideal, but over time you start to get used to it and now we hardly notice it. What we do notice though is the fact you can’t control the Sky Glass TV with a Sky Q Remote, and you of course can’t control Sky Q with the Sky Glass Remote, so you need to keep both to hand — the Sky Q one for changing the channel, and the Sky Glass one for turning on the television and adjusting the volume. It’s not because we haven’t set up the Sky Q Remote to control the Sky Glass TV either: The option doesn’t exist.

What’s more, the voice control features that come with the Sky Glass TV are tied to the viewing subscription, so you lose the option to communicate with the “Hello, Sky” voice command, telling it do things like adjust the volume or switch to a different input. You can still use the voice feature that comes as standard on Sky Q, but, again, it doesn’t extend to the television itself, so you’re missing the functionality that you would have gotten used to when you first started using Sky Glass.

So while Sky Q does technically work with Sky Glass TV, it’s a far from seamless experience and we recommend avoiding it.

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