Can You Drink Beer on Noom?

Noom is all about making a lifestyle change, so it doesn’t outlaw specific foods or drinks, including beer. Instead, it tries to educate its users on how to strike a balance by rating them on a scale. The intention here is to not only to provide you with the tools needed to lose weight, but to keep it off too. The trick? Understand what you’re eating and consume things in moderation.

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Can You Drink Beer on Noom?

You can drink beer on Noom, but it still needs to slot into your daily intake. Most beers and ciders are color-coded Yellow, meaning they aren’t ideal, but they aren’t dreadful. If you’re drinking one that’s richer in sugar, this color rating will change to Red, so you’ll need to drink less if you don’t want to exceed your calories for the day, or balance it out with something a little lighter in the calorie department when it’s time for a refill or limiting yourself to one bottle or pint.

And that’s what we mean when we say Noom is a lifestyle change. The fact you can consume everything, but it’s separated into color buckets makes you aware of what you’re eating. You know you can eat what you want, but you should probably have something a bit more healthy, probably from the Green if not the Yellow bucket if you’ve just had something from the Red. Over time, you’ll start to make these categorizations in your head as you adjust to the lifestyle.

Does Noom Allow Alcohol?

Since you can drink beer on Noom, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that you can also drink all other types of alcohol, including red wine, white wine, liquor and even cocktails. All of these are going to be graded Yellow or Red, so you’ll need to consume them in moderation, limiting yourself to just one cocktail followed by something a little lighter after. You could even just call it quits there, having one alcoholic drink before reverting to something a little more balanced like a club soda with lime.

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