Can You Export Notion to Word?

There’s no one-click solution to export Notion to Word.

You can try exporting the Page as a PDF or Markdown and opening it in Microsoft Word, but chances are it’ll mess with the formatting rendering it unusable. The only time we’ve found this to be an acceptable solution is when exporting a Page that could have been created in Word, with little-to-no formatting — think of a monologue.

If the Page you want to export from Notion to Word isn’t full of unformatted text and has some other assets, you’ll need to move them over manually, copy and pasting over to Word and adjusting as needed. This will of course take a bit of time, so if you need to work through a massive backlog consider enlisting the help of a virtual assistant.

You can use tools like Fiverr to enlist people to help with administrative tasks, and this is something they’re perfect for. Just provide them with the instructions and access to the Pages in your Workspace, and they’ll have them ported over to Word in no time. We know it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s a scalable solution.

If it’s just one or two Pages you want to export from Notion to Word though copy and pasting them is your only real solution, outside of exporting them as a PDF and opening that in Word if there’s no formatting that would cause it to become distorted and require extreme, time-consuming cosmetic correction surgery in Word.

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