Can You Make Tonic Water with SodaStream?

You can make tonic water with a SodaStream. Just buy some flavoring from the SodaStream website, mix in with the carbonated water, then shake and serve. One bottle of flavoring will make around nine litres of tonic water, at a cost of around $0.46 per litre if you buy a bundle of six bottles of flavoring for around $25.

In most markets, SodaStream offers two different types of tonic water flavoring: Organic Tonic Syrup and Diet Tonic Syrup — the former is the more premium of the two, made with fresh ingredients, producing citrus tones and subtle botanical flavour; while the latter is a cheaper, more subtle-tasing, zero-calorie alternative.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Tonic Water or Use a SodaStream?

We’ve crunched the numbers and the savings that come with brewing your own tonic water are subtle, but it’s still cheaper to brew than to buy. You can carbonate a litre yourself for around $0.60 —factoring in the cost of the syrup and carbonation — which is around $0.20 less than a bottle from Trader Joe’s or Walmart.

There are other benefits of using a SodaStream to make tonic water, the main being you won’t run out. Most flavourings are sold at significant discounts in packs of six, so you’ll have around 54 litres of tonic water on tap, ready for carbonation when need. It’s in this volume that the savings are most substantial too.

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