Can You Move Data From Evernote to Google Keep?

There’s no one-click tool to move data from Evernote to Google Keep. That’s because Google doesn’t let users import into Keep. This means the only workaround is to manually move the notes (and attachments) from Evernote to Google Keep.

If there’s more than you can reasonably handle, consider using Evernote as an archive, moving the notes you need over to Google Keep, as you need them. This will take much longer to fully migrate, but it’s an excuse to declutter and reorganize.

Alternatively, you can use a platform like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour to hire a virtual assistant to move it all over for you, from anywhere from $2.50 to $20 per hour, but that may not be the best solution if you’re using it to store confidential information.

If you’re desperate to delete your Evernote account and move over to Google Keep, you always have the option to export all of your notes as HTML files, which you can then store locally or on a cloud service like Dropbox or Notion for future reference.

This could be the sweet spot — after sifting through your notes and moving anything you deemed essential from Evernote to Google Keep, you could export the rest and store it in Notion for fast and free access in the future, from any device.

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