Can You Pay Cash with Uber Eats?

You can pay cash for a takeaway with Uber Eats. You’ll need to enable the payment method before placing the order. Once done, you’ll be able to select cash the next time you go to place an order. You’ll want to be mindful to ensure that you have the exact change required, however, as riders often don’t have change — or you’ll have no choice but to leave a tip.

How to Pay Cash with Uber Eats

To enable cash deliveries in Uber Eats, open the application and select Account from the navigation bar at the bottom. From the screen that loads, select Wallet, then scroll down and tap Add Payment Method. Click on Cash from the list of options that appears, then confirm you wish to enable it, after reading the information about how it works. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready to place an order using cash. Follow the exact same process you usually would, filling your basket with all the delicious goodies you want delivered, then proceed to the checkout screen. Under the total amount due, click on the payment method listed there, then select cash. Your order will now be submitted as payment on delivery.

What Restaurants Accept Cash on Uber Eats?

Unlike Just Eat, you can pay cash for any order through Uber Eats. This is because it’s Uber that has built the process, and it doesn’t require the restaurant itself to deliver the order and receive the payment. Instead, it has an entire system set up to ensure money handed to drivers reach the correct people — compensating drivers like usual too. 

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