Can You Record Calls On RingCentral?

You can record calls on RingCentral, using either the RingCentral Phone for Desktop or Mobile or RingCentral IP Phones. Calls can be recorded manually, with the click of a button, or there’s an automatic recording feature that can be turned on, which will automatically start recording at the start of each call and stop once the call ends. This feature is turned off by default, must be enabled on a per-user basis by an administrator, and is only available with the RingCentral MVP Premium membership.

The manual-recording feature is available to all RingCentral MVP customers. This is a feature that will need to be enabled by administrators, however, who will also need to set up a call-recording notification that’ll be played before and after a call is recorded, to comply with certain laws, depending on the areas of operation. Announcements can be recorded live using a microphone on a smartphone or through a computer, or a pre-recorded announcement can be uploaded as an audio file. 

Once manual-recording is enabled, users can record calls at any time by pressing *9 on their phone’s dial pad, or by pressing the Record button in RingCentral Phone for Desktop or Mobile. Calls recorded through the RingCentral Phone application will be shown in the Call Recording section of the Phone Menu and will also be stored on a RingCentral Contact Center Internal FTP Server — which is where calls recorded on a RingCentral IP Phone are saved, and requires a FTP Client to be used for access. 

Recordings stored on the Contact Center Internal FTP Server can be transferred to Contact Center Cloud Storage, a service RingCentral offers for storing data for an extended duration at a cheaper price. These are options administrators will need to consider, depending on bsuiness requirements and associated costs. Another option is to build a pipeline to take this data and store it locally, on a company server, instead of relying on RingCentral to store it — something most businesses do. 

If you’re looking to learn more about RingCentral, to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your business, we recommend scheduling a free, no-commitment product demo with a RingCentral Expert. You’ll then be able to spend some virtual time with someone from RingCentral and ask them all about how the call-recording features in RingCentral work and about all the other features that could be helpful, including more nuanced queries — whether RingCentral works in China, for example. 

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