Can You Record on Sky Glass?

You can’t record on Sky Glass. The television itself doesn’t have a hard drive built in and recording to the cloud isn’t supported. You won’t even find a record button on the all-new Sky Glass Remote. Instead, Sky confident most if not all of the content its customers want is available through its on-demand service or supported streaming partners like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

To help users find this content, Sky developed a feature called Playlists, which serves as an aggregator of sorts, searching for a show or movie you flag across on-demand and all of the streaming services you’re signed in to on your Sky Glass TV. Of course, the main caveat here is that if the movie or show you’re looking for isn’t available on any of the platforms, you can’t access it.

The harsh reality is this applies to a lot of content, particularly older material. You can’t just hit record on any show, nor do you have the option to record a specific segment, like someone walking you through a recipe in a cooking show. Your only option, after you’ve missed it, is to try to find it on catch up. If you can’t, you’re out of luck — one of our main qualms with Sky Glass.

Outside of hooking up an old-school DVR, there isn’t a workaround. Given how frustrated current users are with the situation, we can’t help but think Sky has a solution in the works, or an aftermarket service will debut that’ll bridge the gap. For now though, you can’t record on Sky Glass. If you’re into newer, mainstream material, this shouldn’t be an issue, but for some it could be troublesome.

The fact of the matter is, Sky Glass isn’t for everyone. If you already consume a lot of content through on-demand and streaming services, then you’ll feel right at home. If you don’t, it’ll take some adjusting to, and you may not even be able to grips with it. Fortunately, Sky offers new Sky Glass customers a trial for around a month, letting them downgrade to their old bundle for free if they’re unhappy.

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