Can You Return on StockX?

StockX doesn’t offer returns or refunds in the United States. Instead, it invites customers to resell the item through it if they’re unhappy with their purchase — if it’s the wrong size, for example. Meanwhile, purchases in the United Kingdom and Europe are protected by the Right of Withdrawal, a local law that allows customers to return all online orders within 14 days of receiving the item (not to be confused with the date it was ordered), including those ordered from StockX. These need to be in the same condition as the customer received them, with all labels still attached, for a refund to be issued.

Here’s a look at all the countries covered by the Right of Withdrawal, where StockX orders can be returned:

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Bulgaria

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Hungary

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Malta

  • Netherlands

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

It’s not bad practice to start getting into the habit of videoing the unboxing and documenting the condition of the item when it arrives, without pausing or editing the video, so you have a record of the exact condition of the item, when purchasing through StockX. This applies to eBay, Vestaire Collective and other marketplaces as well. It makes it a whole lot easier to get a refund if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where the buyer is claiming that the item has been tampered with and what has been returned to them is not the same as what they shipped out.

Requesting a return on StockX is a manual process: Customers need to fill in a form on the StockX Help website, which includes the date the order was submitted and received and a photograph showing the StockX verification tag still attached to the item. Someone from StockX will then reach out within 24 hours, though this can sometimes take a little longer during busy periods, with instructions on how to package up the item and return it. Customers are responsible for covering the cost of the return, and assume liability if it’s lost in transit, so it’s worth shipping it insured through a reputable courier to err on the side of caution.

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