Can You Sort a Table in Evernote?

You can’t sort a table in Evernote. You will instead need to export the data to some software with spreadsheet-processing capabilities, like Apple Numbers, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and sort it, before bring it back to Evernote.

This brings its own challenges though. Depending on the device you’re using, you may notice that spreadsheet software has not reproduced the original row or column layout, distorting all of your data, so it may take some trial and error.

We’ve never had an issue with Google Sheets, so much so we use it whenever we need to manipulate data in a table in a tool like Evernote and Notion, as it handles the exchange with ease, mirroring the formatting from the source.

It works well transferring the information from Google Sheets back to Evernote too. You can either paste rows or columns back into an individual table, or insert a new one. We’ve never once had an issue with data loss or distortion.

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