Can You Use a Custom Domain in Notion?

Notion doesn’t let you use a custom domain as standard, though there are a couple of workarounds that’ll let you use your domain with your Workspace.

Forward a Domain to Your Notion Workspace

If you’re wanting to use a domain to provide employees, clients, or even friends, family or readers with an easy way to view your public Workspace, you can set up a forwarding rule that redirects your domain to your Workspace — for free.

For example, if someone were to do this for the domain it could be set to redirect them to, without them having to remember (or type) the extension, streamlining access.

The important thing to note here though is the custom domain is not linked to your Workspace — if someone clicks a link, it’ll move them to a page on the extension, so this is best suited to improving ease of access to the website itself.

You’ll also want to remember that you will need to upgrade to a Notion Personal Pro subscription if you want your Workspace to be accessible on Google. Pricing for this starts at $4 per month if you sign up for a year, or $5 per month off-contract.

Use Super to turn your Workspace into a Website

Those looking to turn their Notion Workspace into a website should turn their attention to Super, an innovative tool that will let you create a website through Notion, with a custom domain, built-in SEO and SSL (HTTPS) for $12 per month.

Should You Build a Website on Notion?

While it’s doable, we don’t recommend building a website in Notion. That’s because the tool, nor any of the website builders out there that claim to work with it, can rival the suite of features available through a CMS like WordPress.

Sure, it says it has built-in SEO and Google can index the pages, but you can’t create a proper taxonomy easily and you’re restricted when it comes to development capabilities. There aren’t any plugins, either, so it’s all extremely analog.

Thanks to the recent release of the Notion API, you can set up rules to automatically publish new entires on a website created through WordPress — so if you save something using the Notion Web Clipper, it can be set to show up on your site.

In fact, we wouldn’t recommend building a website in any of the Notion alternatives out there either. There’s a reasons platforms like Drupal and WordPress exist. A tool designed to do something else will never be as capable as a purpose-built solution.

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