Can You Use Klarna at IKEA?

IKEA accepts Klarna as a payment method, but only in certain countries, including the Netherlands. Fortunately, those in unsupported regions can still use Klarna to pay at IKEA using the service’s one-time card feature — available through the Klarna application for Android and iOS and the Klarna Chrome Extension for Mac and PC — and split the balance into smaller, more affordable, interest-free chunks.

You may also be able to postpone the payment for thirty days at no cost, settling the balance in full at the end of the period, instead of financing the order, or spread the sum over as long as three years for a small fee (ideal for larger purchases), depending on the credit options Klarna offers in your location. Your credit file and borrowing history with the lender will also affect the choices available at checkout.

While you can create a one-time card for use at IKEA within the Klarna application, receiving a virtual credit card number to enter at checkout, we recommend using the Klarna Chrome Extension instead. This is because it’s faster and easier, letting you fill in the details with the click of a button, and comes with a discount-checker built in, automatically scanning for coupon codes to save you money on your order.

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