Can You Use Klarna on Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster doesn’t offer Klarna as a payment method at checkout, but because the service can be used at any online retailer that accepts a credit or debit card you can still use it, thanks to its flexible one-time card feature that lets you create a credit line that can be used with a temporary virtual credit card number from within the Klarna application for Android or iOS or using the Klarna Chrome Extension for PC.

The main benefit of using the Klarna Chrome Extension is that it also saves you money. In addition to letting you split the cost of the transaction into more affordable chunks, it’s offers a similar service to that of popular browser extension Honey, automatically finding and applying coupon codes at checkout, so you may just find a discount tacked on to your order when shopping through Klarna on Ticketmaster.

Depending on the services available to you and in the region you live, you may be able to opt for a buy now, pay later arrangement instead — again, at no added cost. This will let you purchase and receive the tickets now, and pay for them (in full) in thirty days, which is ideal if you don’t have the money to cover the initial instalment due at the time the order is placed when splitting the purchase into multiple payments.

If you take this route, make sure you’re able to repay the balance in full on the payment date or you could receive a late payment fee. This could be up to $35 per missed month, but will never exceed the minimum payment due. Although, if you know you’ll be unable to pay, you can extend the payment due date once per order. This could impact your future borrowing abilities with Klarna though so tread carefully.

As always, we need to warn that the information included in this article shouldn’t be interpreted as financial advice. We are merely highlighting the terms of Klarna’s service agreement to answer your question. Remember that inability to pay debt, and missing payments, can cause serious financial issues, so always consult a professional before entering into a new agreement and review Klarna’s policy on missed payments.

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