Can You Use Notion for Writing?

Notion has loads of smarts that make it an ideal tool for writing. For starters, because Notion syncs across devices, you can start writing on a desktop at home, reviewing your work on a phone on the move, then edit on a tablet at a coffee shop — for free.

But that’s scratching the surface. Take advantage of one of the writing-focused Notion templates out there, or create your own Notion Workspace optimized for the practice, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a writing production line like no other.

Say you’re writing a novel, for example, and you want to hammer out a chapter a week. You can create an environment that’ll let you do just that — breaking down the book into different chapters, then creating a dedicated section for them in the Workspace.

Here, you can configure the Workspace so you can store research notes alongside the chapter itself, as well as the various drafts, revision notes, and a progress tracker, linked to a high-level view where you can see where you’re at with the book itself.

You don’t need to be drafting a book to use Notion for writing, either. There are plenty of Notion templates for writers of all kinds out there, including contractors, letting you create a private production environment and a public portfolio in one place.

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