Can You Use Zilch for Petrol?

You can use Zilch at any retailer that accepts MasterCard, including petrol stations like BP, Esso and Shell. This can be done in-store using Apple Pay or Google Pay. There are no additional fees for using Zilch in a retail store, and you don’t need to let the cashier know that’s how you’re paying. The process is exactly the same as paying with a standard debit or credit card using either of the mobile payment services.

How to use Zilch for Petrol

To use Zilch for petrol, you will first need to set up Zilch Anywhere in the mobile application. This will create a card stored in Apple Pay or Google Pay You’ll find that Zilch defaults to Pay in 1, which lets customers process their payment through the service in exchange for 2% cashback. But this doesn’t let you split the cost. So head into the Settings screen and choose Apple Pay Default/Google Pay Default, and set it to Pay in 4.  

Keep in mind that all transactions processed through Pay in 4 will be deducted from your Zilch Credit Limit, so you’ll want to ensure you have enough money available before checking out — by default, anything spent over your limited will be billed at checkout. So if you’re spending £100, but only have £25 worth of credit available, your debit card on file will be charged £81.25 immediately. This feature is called Zilch Boost, and can be turned off.

Once Zilch Anywhere has been set up, and you’ve adjusted the default payment process and and decided whether to keep Zilch Boost enabled, you can use Zilch to pay for petrol using Apple Pay or Google Pay. But remember: You’ll need to have enough money on your debit card to cover the first instalment (25% of the total loan value) or it’ll be declined. You will also have to pay a £2.50 set up fee if the company isn’t listed in the Zilch app.

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