Can You Watch Sky Glass TV Without the Internet?

You can watch Sky Glass TV without an Internet connection. The television and each Puck has a connector for an aerial on the rear and a tuner built in, which can be used to tune into standard Freeview channels in the event of an internet issue. You will not be able to access the channels and services delivered through Sky, however, without an active Internet connection, including streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. You can still use the television as normal though, switching between HDMIs.

Fortunately, you can connect your Sky Glass TV to a mobile hotspot if your home’s Internet cuts out in a couple of clicks. The average Internet speed over a 4G connection is 14Mbps, so you should have enough bandwidth to stream live or on-demand content in Full HD on one screen through Sky Glass without having to revert to Freeview. If you’re a 5G customer, the average speed increases to 59Mbps, enough to stream in 4K Ultra HD on the main television and at least one Sky Glass Puck.

We should note that switching to a different network will sever the connection between the Sky Glass TV and the Sky Glass Pucks in the house. If you know the internet is going to be down for a while, it’s worth setting aside the time to switch them all over to a different network, but if it’s a temporary outage, we recommend just switching the main television. That way, you only need to connect that one device back to the original Wi-Fi network to reinstate the connection between all the Pucks.

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