Do Amazon Employees Get A Free Prime Membership?

Working for a tech titan like Amazon and Google is highly desirable. There are dozens of reasons for the perks that these businesses offer to their employees. Beyond high salaries and generous bonuses, there are other benefits on offer like free meals. 

For example, a Twitter employee recently toured her offer on TikTok, showing off a free staff restaurant, yoga studio, and roof-top bar with unlimited beer and wine on tap. She also spoke of commuter benefits, fitness subsidies and other perks.

Amazon offers a similar suite of benefits to to its staff, including the usual medical, vision and dental, as well as maternity leave. Amazon will even pick up the bill for college tuition in some cases. This is all in addition to its Amazon Extras initiative.

Through Amazon Extras, employees can save on essentials like cell phone plans, and auto insurance. Employees also get access to discounts on hotel rooms, movie and theater tickets, theme park tickets, car rentals, and even cruises line trips.

Do Amazon Employees Get a Free Prime Membership?

Despite offering its employees a host of fantastic benefits, Amazon does not offer them a free Prime membership. The company — valued at over $900 billion — as never publicly revealed why, but it’s a clear point of contention among employees.

A quick flick through a subreddit for current and former Amazon employees shows comments from employees bewildered by the fact it doesn’t offer them a free Prime subscription, with something speculating it could be to curb account-sharing. 

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