Do Bidet Toilets Need Electricity?

Thinking about purchasing a bidet toilet? You’re probably wondering what the installation process looks like and whether they require electricity. The simple answer is yes, bidet toilets need electricity. But stick with us and we’ll walk you through all the details, explain why, and offer some alternative solutions that don’t need to be hooked up to a power source to function.

Do Bidet Toilets Need Electricity?

Unlike an add-on like a bidet toilet seat, most standalone bidet toilets need electricity. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t. These tend to offer the best cleaning experience on the market and come with several features that other models don’t, like a heated seat, deodorizer, self-cleaning nozzles, variable water temperature and an air dryer — all of these luxuries require power.

What Bidets Don’t Need Electricity?

For the most part, standalone bidets don’t need electricity. These are the more traditional form of bidet that are often found next to the toilet in the bathroom. These are channeled into your home’s cold water and hot water pipes, and have two taps like a sink or bath that allow you to adjust the temperature using a hot-to-cold ratio. These use water pressure to function, offering a no-frills experience.

Most people don’t want a standalone bidet though. They’re after a bidet toilet. But if hooking one up to a power supply isn’t an option, consider a bidet toilet seat. These offer less in the way of features. The seat isn’t heated and it doesn’t have a deodorizer, for example. But they offer a toilet-based bidet, with no electricity. They often don’t need a plumber to install them, either: You can do it yourself.

If you’re shopping for a toilet seat bidet attachment, you’ll want to consider the Tushy Classic 3.0. This is a relatively cheap model that features an automatic self-cleaning nozzle and variable pressure and angle control. It also doesn’t require any electricity or plumbing. It’s intended to be a plug-and-play solution that you can install yourself in around five minutes, and it’s adored by thousands.

But there’s a catch: The Tushy Classic 3.0 spews out cold water. If you’re after a hot water cleaning experience, then you’ll need to fork out a little more for a hot water toilet seat bidet like the Tushy Spa 3.0, which has a temperature-control knob. This model needs to be hooked up to your home’s hot water supply though, so you’ll need a sink nearby if you wan’t want to start cutting into the walls.

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