Does AppleCare Cover Lost AirPods?

We’ll cut to the chase: AppleCare does not cover lost AirPods.

However, you can purchase a replacement AirPod or a new Charging Case without having to buy a whole new set. The price of the replacement parts varies, depending on the AirPods you have, but expect a new AirPod to cost somewhere in the region of $69 to $89 each, and a Charging Case to cost between $59 and $99.

If it’s a whole new set you’re after, then it’s actually cheaper to walk into the store and buy them, instead of trying to replace them through the AirPods Repair service, which would cost $89 for each AirPod and $99 for either the Wireless Charging Case or the MagSafe Charging Case. That’s $277, or $27 more than the sticker price of the AirPods Pro.

In fact, depending on what offers are happening, it could actually be better to just buy a new pair anyway. We saw the AirPods Pro drop to $159 on Black Friday 2021. If you had to replace both AirPods, but still had the Wireless Charging Case, that would had cost you $178 through the AirPods Repair service, $19 more than Amazon had them for new.

We saw a similar discount on Prime Day 2022, when the AirPods Pro were on sale for $170. So for $8 less, you’re getting a brand new MagSafe Charging Case and two new AirPods. You can then sell the old Wireless Charging Case through a marketplace like eBay around $30, and the replacement would have only cost you $140.

Our point? AirPods replacement parts aren’t cheap, so always do the math to figure out exactly how much it’ll cost you buying the components a la carte, how much retailers are selling them for new (Amazon almost always has them at a discount), and how much you can recover should you buy new and sell the remaining parts you have online.

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