Does Noom Provide a Meal Plan?

Noom prides itself on education. It doesn’t want to tell you exactly what to do, step by step, but rather tries to teach you about the lifestyle changes you need to make to be healthier and lose weight, and provides you with the tools to work toward that, which is probably why it doesn’t offer a meal plan to all users out of the box — it isn’t a sustainable way to lose weight if you want to keep it off. You need to be aware of what you’re doing, so you can make decisions and stand on your own two feet.

That being said, Noom does provide users with the option to commission a meal plan as an optional add-on. Pricing for this is set at $80, though it could be cheaper depending on the time you access it, so be sure to keep checking back to see if there’s an discount on offer. If you want to save some money, it’s worth starting to go through the process to order a custom meal plan, then backing out before you commit and waiting to see if Noom shoots you an email with a special offer a couple of days later.

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What is the Custom Meal Plan on Noom?

If you’re looking for a bit more structure and want to be told exactly what to eat each day of the week to get the ball rolling, you can order a custom meal plan on Noom. As we said before, this will set you back $80 (unless you snap it up at a discount). Considering the boffins behind Noom market it as a lifestyle change, and that’s when it has been found to have the most effective results, it could be worth trying to create your own based on the lessons it teaches you as you progress through the program.

How to Order a Meal Plan on Noom

Want to order a custom meal plan on Noom? Send a message to your Noom Personal Coach letting them know you want to purchase a meal plan. They’ll ask a couple of follow-up questions to ensure you understand what it is and what it contains, and will then point you in the right direction to purchase one. Your credit card linked to Noom will then be charged. If you signed up for your subscription with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you will be asked to approve the payment through that.

What Other Add-Ons Does Noom Offer?

In addition to meal plans, Noom offers users the option to purchase a custom workout plan and a weight loss DNA test. Pricing for these is between $80 and $100, depending on when you sign in and what you need. The workout plan does exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with exercises to complete each day, while the weight loss DNA test provides you with insights on how your genetics may influence your weight and your ability to lose it — though it does not impact your Noom program directly.

At those prices, whether they’re worth it is up to you to decide. Just keep in mind you can have a one-off introduction session with a local personal trainer, who will also create a custom workout program for you and walk you through it, for the same price. We’re also struggling to see the value of the DNA test considering Noom won’t adjust your program based on the findings, though that’s not to mean you can’t adjust it yourself. But if you’re going down that path, a nutritionist may be best.

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