Does Notion Have Unlimited Storage?

Notion lets all users to create and store as much content as they want, but there is a restriction for certain customers: Personal (read: free) users can only upload files measuring in 5 MB or less. Upgrade to a Personal Pro subscription (from $4/month) though and this limitation disappears — you can upload as large a file as you want.

Because Notion syncs across devices, your files are available anywhere at any time — and considering Notion is as flexible as a rubber band, you can use it to build your own custom version of a cloud storage solution like Dropbox, which currently doesn’t offer an unlimited membership. You will need to upload the files manually though.

You aren’t limited to uploading specific file types, either. We’ve stored everything from DOCs and PDFs to PSDs and ZIPs, as well as MPEGs and MP4s, on Notion, with the service confirming that you can upload anything to your Workspace, of any size, so long as you’re a Personal Pro subscriber or you’re capped at 5 MB per file.

Best of all, Notion keeps per-minute backups of its database, so you’re covered should you happen to accidentally delete a file you later need. Just shoot an email to with the details of the restore request and they’ll see to it, provided you reach out within 30 days of deleting the file.

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