Does Omaha Steaks Take EBT?

Retailers need to enrol (and be accepted) to process Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), an electronic payment system that allows allows someone receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit to shop for permitted products, transactions. This ensures that the funds are being used in line with the rules — not for alcohol or tobacco, for example. But there’s nothing that says it can’t be spent on high-end meat, raising the question: Does Omaha Steaks take EBT? We have the answer.

Does Omaha Steaks Take EBT?

The simple answer is no, Omaha Steaks does not take EBT. The butcher, founded in 1917, hasn’t enrolled in the EBT program, so the card can’t be used to shop online or in its brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll instead need to use a standard credit or debit card, PayPal or Venmo. But if it’s meat you’re after, and you’re looking for a retailer that accepts SNAP, consider heading over to your local Costco store. The big-box retailer has a large selection of meat, and accepts EBT at all of its warehouse locations.

Ways to Finance an Omaha Steaks Order

You can use a service like Klarna to shop at Omaha Steaks and spread the cost of your purchase into four interest-free instalments, with the first due at the time the order is placed, or defer the whole thing for 30 days. This can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa. Just keep in mind that missed payments may incur additional charges, and can also impact your ability to borrow money again in the future, so only consider this option if you’re certain you can afford the repayments.

Since Omaha Steaks takes PayPal, you can also use PayPal Credit to buy meat at the retailer. You have two options here: If you spend less than $99, you have a month to pay for the order in full to avoid paying interest; or if you spend $99 or more, you will not be charged any interest if you repay the balance in full in six months — provided you make the minimum monthly payments. But again, this is only something you should contemplate if you know for a fact you can afford the loan.

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