Does Revolut Have a Sort Code?

First introduced to ensure cheques landed in the right account when cashed, sort codes contain virtual information that tells modern systems where to find the account number associated with a bank account. The first two numbers correspond to the name of the bank; the remaining four decode the branch and location the account number was created at. All banks approved to operate in the United Kingdom have a sort code, including Revolut. 

Since Revolut is a virtual bank and it doesn’t have any branches in the United Kingdom, it only has one sort code: 04-00-75. This will be the same for all Revolut customers with a GBP account, since the accounts were all created through the Revolut online banking service, which serves as the home (and only) branch for each customer, unlike rivals like Barclays, which has more than a thousand brick-and-mortar locations across the mainland.

What’s worth reiterating here is that sort codes are exclusively used in the United Kingdom, and wouldn’t be used to send money abroad. For this, you’d use a SWIFT code, which is recognised internationally by more than 11,000 banks in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. This would help the issuing bank find the receiving bank, and an IBAN number would tell it which account to credit the funds to.

Of course, because Revolut is an authorised bank and has an UK Banking License, it also has a SWIFT Code (because there’s no branches, this is the same for all customers: REVOGB21XXX. IBANs are unique to each customer, and can be found inside the Balances section of the Revolut application. You can also reach out to the Revolut’s customer service team for more information on how to find and use SWIFT, IBAN and sort codes. 

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