Does RingCentral Work In China?

RingCentral can be used in various countries around the world, to both place and receive local calls — including China. There are some restrictions about the features that can be used in each location though; some offer toll-free calling, while others don’t, for example. Here’s everything you need to know about how RingCentral works in China, and some advice on how to get answers to any specific questions.

Does RingCentral Work in China?

Users can create a create an International Virtual Number and International Virtual Toll-Free Number for use in China to simulate a local presence. This allows customers in the region to call a local number to contact your business with no international calling fee, and vice versa. This is included in the RingCentral MVP solution, which offers video, voice and text communication in more than one-hundred locations. 

You can even set up multilingual Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), so callers can receive localized voice prompts. These are available in various forms of the Chinese language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), and dozens of other international languages, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and of course English.

For a better understanding of how RingCentral works in China, we recommend scheduling a free, no-commitment product demo with a RingCentral Expert. You’ll then be able to spend some virtual time with someone from RingCentral, asking questions and getting a feel for all of the features on offer, and whether it’s the solution you need for the Chinese market, before deciding whether to test it out.

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