Does the Sky Glass TV Have an HDMI Port?

Launched in October 2021, the Sky Glass TV has three HDMI 2.1 ports, with support for both eARC and CEC. These can be used to hook up anything from a Blu-Ray Player and a PlayStation 5 to Sky Q, should you decide to downgrade from the Sky Glass streaming service but keep the television itself.

Best of all, because Sky is baked in to the Sky Glass TV and doesn’t require any additional hardware, you don’t need to lose one of those slots to a set-top box. You don’t even need to connect an aerial to use Sky Glass — the only dependencies are an active Internet connection and a Power cord.

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Increase the Number of HDMI Ports with a Switcher

If three HDMI slots isn’t enough, consider investing in an HDMI Switcher. These let you connect multiple additional HDMI cables to one slot, then filter between them. The most basic models offer two additional inputs. Connect one of these to each slot and you’ll see your maximum inputs double from three to six.

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