Does Walmart Sell Fresh Flowers?

Need to find some fresh flowers in a hurry? Thinking about all the stores nearby that may have them in stock? Walmart came to mind? Now you’re asking yourself: Does Walmart sell fresh flowers? You probably haven’t noticed them before, because they now occupy such a small section of the store, but there’s a good chance your local superstore has them.

Quick Answer:

Walmart sells flowers in the Produce section of most of its superstores. Call ahead to see whether your local store has them in stock.

Does Walmart Sell Fresh Flowers?

Walmart once had a flourishing fresh flowers department in its superstores. Over time, with more people ordering online through services like 1-800-Flowers, this has been downsized to a small section in the Produce department. Not all stores have these at all times, however — some stock bouquets around certain occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Your best bet, then, if you’re in need of a bouquet in a hurry is to use one of the various same-day flower delivery services out there, including the aforementioned 1-800-Flowers. Provided you have your order in by a certain time (usually no later than 2:30 PM during the week, and no later than 1 PM over the weekend) it’ll be delivered by the end of the day.

But if you need the flowers in your hand, so you don’t arrive empty handed, we recommend calling ahead to see if your local Walmart store has some in stock. You can use the Walmart Store Finder website to track down its contact number. If it doesn’t, call some other stores nearby to see if they do.

Sam’s Club, Costco, Aldi, Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader Joe’s all also stock fresh flowers throughout the year, so if you can’t find a Walmart nearby with them, consider checking one of these out. Alternatively, you can track down a local florist and see what they have to offer; it’s always best to support small, local businesses whenever you can.

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