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Looking to download Notion for Windows or Notion for Mac? Looking to download Notion for Windows or Notion for Mac? You can install the latest version of the application, direct from Notion’s server, here. The files automatically update, so you can rest assured you’re always downloading the most up-to-date build available.

Download Notion for Windows

Notion for Windows


Download Notion for Mac

Mac with Intel Processor


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  • OS: Android; iOS; Mac; Windows; Web
  • License: Free
  • Developer: Notion Labs Inc.

What is Notion?

Notion is described by its creators as an ‘all-in-one workspace’, but what exactly does this mean? Is it another attempt to turn the office into a virtual environment like Facebook’s troubled Workspace platform? Thankfully not. Here, we’ll walk you through the basics of Notion, explaining what it is, what it does and why it’s useful.

Notion is close to what you’d get if you mixed a task management tool like Asana with some database software like Microsoft Access and a drag-and-drop website editor like Wix, letting you create workflows unique to your organization at a low cost without the need to hire an expert or learn a programming language.

Where a business may use Asana or Trello to keep track of projects, Google Sites to create an internal wiki and Atlasssian Jira to organize the development roadmap due to limitations with each platform, Notion’s versatility means these can all be created and housed in one central location — hence ‘all-in-one workspace’.

You aren’t sacrificing function by choosing to store all of this information in one platform, either: Notion’s pièce de résistance is its Relational Databases feature which lets you take a piece of data stored in one location and use it to populate a section elsewhere; if you change something in one place, it’ll change in the other.

Here’s where things get extra interesting. Notion’s best feature, and what sets it apart from the fierce competition is Linked Databases. These let you access the data stored in any table as its own individual block and customize how the data is presented using views such as Gallery, Kanban, List or Calendar or Table.

Is Notion Safe to Download?

Notion is completely safe to download. The software listed from this page is retrieved straight from Notion’s server the second you click the download button, straight on to your computer — it doesn’t go through an intermediary, like Notion Wizard. That’s how you always get the latest version available.

Is Notion Free to Download?

Notion is free to download and use. You can install it — or use Notion for Web — to create a Workspace with no restrictions on usage other than that uploads are capped at 5MB per file. You can remove this limitation by upgrading to a Notion Personal Pro membership for $4 per month, but most people won’t need to.

Is the Notion Web Clipper Included?

The Notion Web Clipper is not included in Notion for Mac and Notion for Windows. Instead, it needs to be downloaded as an add-on for a compatible browser, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once installed, you will be able to save websites straight to your Workspace with the click of a button.

Should You Download Notion?

We’re a little biased here, but we’re a firm believer Notion is the best productivity software out there. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to download it though: Pretty much all of its features can be accessed through Notion for Web. The main reason you’d want to use the desktop client is so you can edit offline.

How to Install Notion on Windows

  1. Click Download for Windows.
  2. Open the .exe file after it has finished downloading.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your machine.
  4. Open the Notion application and log in to your Notion account.

How to Update Notion on Windows

Since Notion for Windows is a wrapped up version of Notion for Web, all of the updates take place in the background and are automatically applied when you open the application. Every once in a while though you may need to update the client if something isn’t quite working right by uninstalling and reinstalling it. 

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