Duplicate Button Missing on Notion? Here’s a Workaround

The internet is filled of reports that the Duplicate button is missing on Notion for Mobile (Android and iOS), preventing users from saving both templates and documents to their Workspace. Notion has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and is working on a fix behind the scenes, but it didn’t say when it will start rolling out.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround: The issue only effects Notion for Mobile, so you can still copy files to your Workspace on Notion for Mac, Notion for Windows, and Notion for Web. So if you desperately need to duplicate a file and don’t have a computer nearby, just delete the Notion application and use the web client instead.

This isn’t the first bug that Notion users have reported recently. Some users are complaining that Notion for Mac and Notion for Windows has been crashing while in use. With this in mind, we can’t help but think it would be safer to switch to Notion for Web for now. It delivers near enough the same experience and is more stable.

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