Another OnePlus Nord 2 5G Exploded, and This Can’t Be Good

Remember how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 kept catching fire and Samsung had to recall it? OnePlus could have one of those situations on its hands, as another OnePlus Nord 2 has reportedly burst into flames in India. This time, in in a lawyer’s robe — the one person you wouldn’t want it to happen to.

Fortunately, he was not injured. The lawyer, going by the name Gaurav Gulati on Twitter, claims that the device was in his black robe when he felt something hot in his pocket. He immediately thew it off, and saw smoke coming out of the device, before catching fire inside a court chamber.

What’s interesting here is that OnePlus claimed the first unit caught fire due to external factors, ruling out a manufacturing defect, but this time the device was idle, resting in the lawyer’s pocket. It was not on charge, so that couldn’t have led to it overheating and catching fire.

Gulati also added that the handset had around 90% of charge and that the device was not in use before the incident, claiming it’s a manufacturer defect. This has led to him handing his OnePlus Nord 2 over to the authorities and filing a complaint against OnePlus in India.

Disappointed with how OnePlus handled the situation, Gulati has now complained to the consumer court, bringing an injunction to block the sales of the OnePlus Nord 2 in India as well. At the time of writing, Gulati had refused to hand over the device to OnePlus for inspection.

It’s currently unclear why Gulati is blocking OnePlus from inspecting the remains of device, but one thing is for certain: If this case makes it to court, it will come under the microscope and several experts will analyze it to attempt to identify the cause of the fire.

Whether one or two instances will be enough to block it from sale is another story. Gulati would have to prove the defect, assuming there is one, impacts all or a batch of OnePlus Nord 2 devices in the region. What’s more likely here is he’ll be offered a settlement to drop the case.

In a statement, OnePlus said:

“Last evening, an individual notified us about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2 on Twitter, and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the legitimacy of the claim. We take every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for user safety. However, despite multiple attempts to analyse the device, including a visit to the premises earlier today to examine it in the individual’s presence, he has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or address this individual’s demands for compensation.”

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