OnePlus Watch Gets Always-On Display Feature in New Update

OnePlus has started rolling out a new software update for the OnePlus Watch that introduces the option to keep the clock on the screen while the device isn’t in use (a feature known as Always-On Display), addressing one of the main complaints customers have made since the smartwatch launched last month.

The update also introduces a remove control camera feature that will allow users to use their OnePlus Watch as a shutter-release button for their OnePlus smartphone, as well as a Marathon workout option for the fitness-tracking element, and an assortment of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Add Always-On Display
  • Remote Control Camera function
  • Add Marathon workout
  • Improvements
    • Optimize system UI details
    • Fix known issues and improve system stability.

Expect Battery Life to Suffer

OnePlus initially defended its decision to not bundle an Always-On Display feature on the OnePlus Watch out of the box because it could increase power consumption by as much as 50%, a no-go for a device that was designed to be charged once as little as once a week — and it’s unlikely it has found a way around that in a month.

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