OxygenOS 12 Will Include This Crucial Feature for OnePlus Smartphones

Earlier this month, online computer hardware magazine AnandTech revealed that OnePlus was throttling performance of certain applications, preventing them from using the chipset’s maximum processing power, to extend battery life — though this feature was automatically disabled while running benchmarking applications, ultimately manipulating the result. Leading benchmark tool Geekbench saw this as cheating and subsequently removed the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from its rankings table.

Now, OnePlus has announced that it will include a feature in OxygenOS 12 that will allow users to enable or disable the controversial performance optimization feature that was uncovered in its OxygenOS 11 firmware. This will allow all applications to tap into the full processing power their handset has to offer, instead of it reserving this pull for benchmarking and other select applications, and makes known that the software is capable of altering performance instead of hiding it in the backend.

“Our R&D team is currently working to add an option to let you turn on/off this optimized mode,” revealed Evan Z., a member of the OnePlus Global Product Team on the OnePlus Forum on July 22. “Our aim is to have this ready for one of the first builds of OxygenOS 12 so you will have better control over the performance of your phone moving forward. We just want to say, this has been a really important reminder for us to always keep our users at the heart of what we do, so thanks again for your feedback,” he added.

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