The Color Variants of the OnePlus 9 That Didn’t Make the Cut

Ever wondered what color variants of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro didn’t make the cut? Max Jambor, a credible up-and-coming leaker, has shared mockups of four models that were nixed before release: Matte White, Glossy Black, Glossy Silver and Glossy Green.

The color variants that didn’t make the cut.

It’s unclear why Jambor released mockups instead of images of the actual devices as he purports to have seen. If we had to speculate we’d say it’s to protect the identify of the employee who provided the information as sample units often have identifying features.

There’s also nothing to say that, assuming they’re real, one of these color variants won’t hit the shelves in the future — possibly on the upcoming OnePlus 9T. The company has already done the research into them and it could be an easy way to freshen up the design.

In other news, OnePlus just kicked off a fantastic offer on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Once $999, the handset can be purchased today for only $599 using coupon code SPRING8PRO100 at checkout. If you don’t have $729 to spend on the OnePlus 9, it’s the next best thing.

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