How to Replace the Batteries in Your Sky Glass Remote

While not as obvious as earlier remote controls from the service provider, the rear of the Sky Glass Remote is detachable by sliding it down from the top. Removing it will reveal the slot where the two AAA batteries used to power it live. Just pop these out and insert some new ones to change them over, then attach the cover by sliding up from the bottom (the opposite direction to when you removed it).

How Long Do Sky Glass Remote Batteries Last?

How long the remote will last on a single set of batteries depends on how often you use it and the remote control itself. The one that comes with the main television runs off Bluetooth and uses a bit more power than the standard infrared one that comes with the Sky Glass Puck, so, if you used them for the exact same amount of time, you can expect the former to deplete the fastest.

The quality of the batteries you’re using also play a part too — better batteries will last longer. Ultimately, though, with moderate usage, you shouldn’t need to change the batteries in your Sky Glass Remote from anywhere between three and six months. Your mileage may vary, however, so best stock up on AAA batteries so you have them handy when they eventually conk out and need changing.

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