Sky Glass Puck — How Does Sky Glass Multiroom Work?

Sky launched the Sky Glass Puck alongside the Sky Glass TV, letting customers watch live and on-demand television in up to six additional rooms at the same time. Customers will need to hand over £10 per month to add Whole Home to their subscription to enable Sky Glass Multiroom, before forking out for the Pucks, at an extra cost of £50 per device. Sky VIP members receive their first Puck for free.

The Sky Glass Puck is linked to the main Sky Glass TV over the Internet, meaning it can’t be used if there is not an active connection or the main television is not turned on (it’ll still work in standby, so you don’t need to keep the screen on all the time). It can be connected to the Internet by either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Plus, Sky Broadband customers can use one-click pairing with their router — no faffing with passwords.

Notably, the Puck itself is a lot smaller and more compact than the Sky Q Mini Box. It’s reminiscent of the Apple TV. It can stream content in a 4K Ultra HD resolution, with support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision as well. You will of course need to connect it to a 4K TV and have an Internet speed of at least 25Mbps in order to stream content over-the-air in the higher resolution, which is four-times that of Full HD.

You’ll find three additional ports on the Sky Glass Puck. There’s the outlet that the included power cable slots into, an HDMI slot that the included HDMI is inserted into to connect the multiroom device to a television, and a connector for an aerial, which can be used to watch standard Freeview in the event of an internet issue (Sky Glass relies on an internet connection to deliver the Sky service).

Does Sky Glass Come with a Puck?

Sky Glass does not come with a Puck as standard, even if you subscribe to Whole Home to enable streaming in multiple rooms with the hardware. As we said before, though, Sky VIP members will receive their first Puck for free, an offer that can be redeemed at the time their initial Sky Glass TV order is submitted. This can be done either through the Sky website, Sky App or over the telephone.

How Much Does the Sky Glass Puck Cost?

The Sky Glass Puck is available to purchase from the Sky Store for £50. At the moment, Sky VIP customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer that’ll see them receive their first Puck for free. You will need to subscribe to the Whole Home bundle at an additional cost of £10 per month to use the Sky Glass Multiroom feature though, so the expense doesn’t end after you’ve purchased the Puck(s).

How Many Sky Glass Pucks Can You Have?

You can link six Sky Glass Pucks to one Sky Glass TV. These can all be used at the same time, up from the three available with Sky Q. This is supported through the standard Whole Home bundle, so you don’t need to hand over more than £10, regardless of whether you’re buying one Sky Glass Puck or six. Unfortunately, bulk pricing isn’t available, so the standard £50 rate-per-Puck still stands.

Does the Sky Glass Puck have an Ethernet Port?

The Sky Glass Puck does have an Ethernet port, used to connect it to the main Sky Glass TV and watch content in another room. You don’t need to use a hard-wired connection though and can instead choose to use Wi-Fi. Keep in mind though that wired connections are often faster and more stable, so you may need to invest in a booster if you’re looking to connect wirelessly and your router isn’t nearby.

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