Waterfall Sink: Where to Buy the Workstation Sink From TikTok

Oh, the future. Flying taxis, vacations on Mars, and so-called waterfall sinks that double as workstations. One of these things has already arrived, and it’s taking the world of TikTok by storm. Yup, we’re talking about those crazy kitchen sinks that have dedicated bottle cleaners, a waterfall feature for cleaning fruit and vegetables, and add-ons for chopping, draining and just about everything else you could possibly want or need from a sink. 

It’s aesthetically pleasing, that’s for sure. And hard to find. From what we’ve been able to gather, the sink is made in China and there doesn’t appear to be an exclusive resale partner in the United States. The only way to order it now is through AliExpress, with pricing starting from $160 and maxing out on $400, depending on the package selected. You’ll probably want to opt for the top-spec model with all the bells and whistles you’ve seen.

Because its coming from China, expect to wait anywhere from a month to two for the shipment to arrive. And you can order in confidence knowing other buyers this side of the pond have already pulled the trigger, with one writing: P”retty nice and the colors are nice. The faucet has plenty of water and looks good. The quality of the parts is also good. Easy to install. It works well. I highly recommend this one.”

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