How Long Does a SodaStream Canister Last?

It’s difficult to calculate how long a SodaStream canister will last, as it depends on the volume of water and the level of carbonation used, but assuming you’re sticking to the lowest level of carbonation, one canister will make around 60L of carbonated water, according to the soda-creating boffins behind SodaStream.

From what we can tell, the amount of carbon dioxide in the tank decreases 15% as the level of carbonation increases, so mid-fizz (as we like to call it) will drop the life to 50L and top-fizz to 40L. We can use these numbers directionally to calculate the drop in lifetime for a canister as usage increases and decreases.

How Long Does SodaStream CO2 Last?

If you’re using a 1L bottle, that’s 60 carbonations at the lowest level of fizz. Take that up a notch, and that drops to around around 20 carbonations — or 50L. Now factor in how often you carbonate to figure how long the CO2 will last: Carbonate one litre of water each day, one SodaStream canister last you around two months.

Most people tend to squeeze a month or two out of a canister, while others need to switch over to a new one after a couple of weeks, and others manage to hold on to the same one for a few months. Again — it all comes down to how often you use your SodaStream and the level of carbonation used.

How to Tell When Your SodaStream Canister is Empty

Not sure whether your SodaStream canister is empty? The most obvious thing you’ll notice is the level of fizz isn’t the same as it would usually be. This indicates that the carbon dioxide levels are running low, but not that you’ve completely kicked it. It would be wise to pick up a spare canister at this time though.

This trend continues though as the level of carbon dioxide in the canister continues to fall: The water will become less and less carbonated until there are hardly any bubbles. You’ll want to change canisters as soon as the water isn’t at (and can no longer reach) your preferred level of carbonation.

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