How Many Calories Does Noom Recommend?

Noom calculates a calorie budget for you based on several factors, including your preferred weight-loss speed, weight and height. For most people trying to shed excess pounds as fast as possible, it defaults to 1200 calories for women and 1400 calories for men. You do have the option to tweak your calorie budget though, increasing it or decreasing it (depending on what Noom allocated you when you enrolled).

For healthy and safety reasons, Noom will not let you to go below 1200 calories. If you’re trying to adjust your calorie budget and it won’t save, check to ensure it’s 1200 or higher. If it’s not, you’ll need to adjust it to 1200 before it’ll let you save it. This is to ensure you’re consuming enough food and nutrients per day to stay healthy. After all, Noom is all about adopting a healthy lifestyle, so you need to be balanced.

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How to Change Your Daily Calories in Noom

Unlike purpose-built tools like Calories Counter or MyFitnessPal, Noom won’t let you outright enter a calorie budget you want to hit. Instead, it relies on its algorithm to calculate that for you. What you can influence though is the rate you want to lose rate — the faster you want to shed it, the less calories you’ll have to play around with; if it’s an entire lifestyle change you’re after, you’ll have more calories to work with.

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