How to Become a Noom Coach

There’s no secret trick to becoming a Noom Coach. It’s considered a full-time remote role, with candidates going through a standard application process, submitting their resume, meeting with a recruiter, and passing through an interview process, designed to identify those who resemble Noom’s core values through and through.

Specifically, Noom Coaches are organized people who can work autonomously, love driving people to reach their goal, with a passion for health and wellness. Most have a Bachelor’s Degree or an Associate’s Degree, though we’ve heard of some exceptions being made to that requirement for people with previous mentoring experience.

In order to apply to become a Noom Coach, you’ll need to respond to an active job listing on the Noom Careers website. These are few and far between though, as Noom places high-performing candidates who passed its initial interview rounds on a waitlist, so it tends to advertise when its screened candidate pool is running dry.

What Hours Do Noom Coaches Work?

Noom fosters a flexible working culture. Noom Coaches work an eight-hour shift of their choosing between 8 AM and 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday. Because this is an entirely remote role, Noom Coaches can work from the comfort of their dining room table, couch or even retire back to bed for a couple of hours with their laptop.

How Much Do Noom Coaches Earn?

According to figures shared on Glassdoor, Noom Coaches earn between $25,000 and $56,000 per year, depending on experience, responsibilities and responsibility (whether they’re a manager or not and how many direct reports they have folding into them, presumably) with the average Noom Coach on an annual salary of $37,500.

Do Noom Coaches Get Benefits?

Noom Coaches are full-time employees, and are eligible for benefits, including comprehensive health, dental and vision cover, life insurance coverage, a flexible spending account and a health savings account, commuter benefits (if needed), gym discounts, free Noom swag, occasional team bonuses, and paid time off.

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